About Us

We believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way but we can always add colors to our look by playing around with our hair. Just keeping that in mind we have My Hair Color Wax which lets you enhance your beauty by just adding some colors to it.

Our mission to you:

Our aim is to make hair color easy for everyone, just by sitting at your home, you can entirely change your look with some organic colors. That is why we tend to provide you with best deals and prices which are affordable and effective.

So let’s just paint the hair like never before,
And that you can do just by shopping at our store...

A little story about us:

My Hair color wax came to our mind when we saw people struggling with their monotonous mundane looks and trying their level best and still coming out at same. That is when we decided to give an entire look change just by adding one color to your hair. So now you can look different for various occasions that too at ease of your home.

We don’t want our customers to either struggle with looks or with shopping, so we have designed our website in such a way that it will be hassle-free and fun experience for you. All the products have reviews and ratings, you can get satisfied before you shop with us. We really want our customers to be happy, that's the reason we provide you with best services and offers.

Email: info@myhaircolorwax.com
Phone: (845) 244-8747


Magic Hair Color Wax